The Gifted Adult: Top Resource for Talented People

The Gifted Adult: Top Resource for Talented People

The Gifted Adult, by Dr. Mary E Jacobsen

Are you relentlessly curious and creative, always willing to rock the boat in order to get things done… extremely energetic and focused, yet constantly switching gears… intensely sensitive, able to intuit subtly charged situations and decipher others’ feeling? If these traits sound familiar, then you may be an Everyday Genius — an ordinary person of unusual vision who breaks the mold and isn’t afraid to push progress forward…

As thought-provoking as Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence, psychologist Mary Jacobsen’s The Gifted Adult draws on a wide range of groundbreaking research and her own clinical experience to show gifted adults how to identify and free their extraordinary potential. The Gifted Adult presents the first practical tool for rating your Evolutionary Intelligence Quotient through an in-depth personality-type profile. Demystifying what it means to be a gifted adult, this book offers practical guidance for eliminating self-sabotage and underachievement, helping Everyday Geniuses® and those who know, love, and work with them to understand and support the exceptional gifts inherent in these unique personality traits.


“Provocative… unlocks the kind of passion that great inventions are made of.” ~~ New York Daily News

“Takes readers beyond the myths and stereotypes about talent and genius.”~~ Contributing editor, Gifted Child Quarterly

“Your book saved my life!”  I’m 29 and have tried to ‘figure things out’ my whole life. I have never before been so touched by a book. I just wish you could see the immeasurably different look on my face since reading your book. It saved me from giving up on my mind, and giving up on dreams. People tell me I am a  born leader. Now maybe I can believe it too.  I will forever be grateful for your work .” ~~ Marketing specialist, USA

“I am 34 years old, and  all my life I have known that I am wired differently than other people.  But I didn’t know why. People tell me I have such great potential, but most of the time I feel misunderstood. Your book was such an eye opener.  It changes everything.  Maybe now I can learn to trust my abilities and dare to be different.” ~~ Restaurant company executive, Guatemala

“I am thrilled to learn that there are many people out there like me. After reading The Gifted Adult it is clear to me that I have been trying to make myself fit into my job like a square peg in a round hole. Instead of finding my passion I have been putting all my energy into “dumbing myself down” and trying to conform. I now see that being smart and creative is just who I am, and I don’t want to hide from it any more.” ~~ Mathematics teacher, France

“An Important and Possibly Life-Changing Book! My general inclination is to say Buy this book! Buy it NOW! Read it! Learn! Outstanding (9.5 bookmarks out of a possible 10), not only for the gifted adult and anyone living with a gifted adult, but the book also should be required reading for any psychologist/therapist who’s been asked if they are familiar with the psychology of Adult Giftedness.” ~~ Amazon review

About the Author

Dr. Mary-Elaine Jacobsen is a Clinical Psychologist, speaker, trainer, coach, and author, whose expertise in the development of high potential is recognized both nationally and internationally.

How to purchase

The Gifted Adult is available for purchase at

The Gifted Adult: A Revolutionary Guide for Liberating Everyday Genius


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