Survey: Why Talented People Leave Their Jobs

Survey: Why Talented People Leave Their Jobs

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  1. Doctor Jacobsen,

    I’ve been trying to reach you through e-mail on your site without success. If you could send me a good e-mail address, I would like to dialogue with you concerning gifted adults and Twice Exceptional adult students in post-secondary education. I will be graduating from my Masters in Leadership in August from the University of Denver, and following with my Ph.D. in either Educational or Cognitive Psychology. On a different note, I loved your book, and I agree with your observations, so much so this is what prompted me to reach out to you. Being as objective as possible, I took the test in your book, and scored 168. As previous linear IQ testing placed me between 160 and 170, I see validation in your approach and tenets. As a Twice Exceptional adult, I am 100% disabled, I may be able to share personal experiences in life and education with you. Lastly, among my own post-graduate work in TE adults, I plan to develop and implement an NPO to address these issues. With only four years of research behind me, and at 53, I have learned enough to see how your views on Talented Psychology, and what I call Quantum Intelligence, may compliment each other. Thank you for your time, and for your book. It opened my eyes and gave me validation of who I am.
    Sincerely, Timothy Miller