Press Release: Talent Management OUT—Talent Partnering IN

Press Release: Talent Management OUT—Talent Partnering IN

©©©”Good-by Talent management”! It was inevitable, TM is rapidly on its way out and there will be no going back.  Now we are faced with  two essential questions: “What should replace TM? What approach can be trusted to be more effective? The only justifiable alternative is one centered on talented people, NOT on “managing” them. The new approach will be what we call “Talent Partnering”. We are the world’s foremost (actually only) authority on high-potential people in the organizational arena. Because most organizations don’t know how to identify potential or how it actually works, the standard belief has been that past performance is a good predictor of future success. Not so—even when  past performance is exemplary, it is NOT future proof—“good now” is no guarantee of “success later” in a more challenging role. At TPC, we “get it” about talent. We clearly see and understand the difference between “promotability” and true high potential. We can tell you what it takes for someone to be an effective leader now and tomorrow in our rapid-change, complex global market. Our established leadership talent approach is the only one that is both innovative and evidence-based. Our TPC Partnering approach is a win-win method that matches the needs and goals of talented employees with those of their organizations–alignment that results in better engagement, retention, outcomes, and branding.  We don’t rely on guesswork at TPC. All of our offerings are research driven, practical, scalable, proven, and easily tailored. Talent Partnering is built on talent psychology principles, research, and practice. Simply put, at TPC we know talent and leadership potential better.

Will your organization be among the “early leaders” with Talent Partnering, or “sorry laggards stuck in outdated TM thinking?

For more about TPC evaluations and solutions, please contact us today.


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