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At Talent Psychology Consulting (TPC), we strive to inform our readers and the public at large about the developing field of talent psychology, which focuses on the groundbreaking application of evidence-based knowledge, linking high potential and leadership effectiveness.  We welcome media inquiries – if you wish to schedule an interview with a member of TPC ‘s staff or would like further information, please write to us using the contact page.

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About Talent Psychology Consulting and the TPC Team

Company name: Talent Psychology Consulting, Ltd.
Abbreviation: TPC
Founded: 2010
Place of incorporation: United Kingdom
Slogan: We Know Talent Better
Company LinkedIn Profile: click here

Staff Bios –

Name: Dr. Mary Jacobsen
Position: Co-founder, Talent Psychology Consulting, Ltd.
Current Work: Assistant Professor of Psychology, Salem College; Director, Leadership Gifted International
Previous Work: Visiting Scholar, Ashridge Business School; Founder, Omega Point Resources for Talent Psychology and Gifted Development; Author, The Gifted Adult; Author, Liberating Everyday Genius; Author, various research journal articles
Education: Psy.D, Clinical Psychology; M.A., Psychology; B.A., Education
Location: United States
LinkedIn Profile: click here

Ms. Karen Ward
Position: Co-founder, Talent Psychology Consulting, Ltd.
Current Work: Strategic HR and Talent Management Practice Lead, Ashridge Business School; Associate Consultant, Bath Consultancy Group; Owner, KZW Consulting, Ltd.
Previous Work: Head of Talent & Succession Management, British Government’s Cabinet Office; Head of Leadership & Talent, British Department for Work and Pensions; Head of Organizational Development, GlaxoWellcome; Consultant, PA Consulting Group
Education: MSc, Organizational Behavior; BSc, International Business
Location: United Kingdom
LinkedIn Profile: click here

For more information, or to connect with Dr. Jacobsen and Ms. Ward, please use our contact page.

TPC Logo and Identity Use Guidelines

The TPC logo is available for download in two different styles, and three file formats. The “standard quality” version is in PNG format; and is appropriate for web and presentation use. If you require a “higher quality” image, you may choose between either a vector-based EPS file, or a vector-based SVG file. The EPS file is traditionally associated with graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The SVG can typically be viewed in a web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The CMYK colors of the standard TPC logo are deep blue (100,93,31,29) and white (0,0,0,0). The CMYK colors of the reversed TPC logo are gray (42,35,36,1), white (0,0,0,0), and black (0,0,0,100).

The use of the logo is offered by TPC, conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions and notices contained herein. Any unauthorized commercial use of the logo is expressly prohibited. You agree to use the logo in a manner consistent to your relationship with Talent Psychology Consulting, Ltd. TPC reserves the right to cancel this agreement and/or restrict use of the logo at any time.

TPC Standard Logo

TPC Reversed Logo

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