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We offer a broad array of services to meet the needs of any organization or individual, including the following areas:  consultation, coaching, presentations, master classes, training, and workshops.

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Consultation and Coaching with a Talent Psychology Expert

Dr. Mary Jacobsen has provided individual growth consultation and executive coaching for over ten years. Many clients begin coaching after reading her work, attending a presentation, or hearing about positive coaching results from high-potential friends and colleagues. As the pioneering leaders in Talent Psychology, Dr. Jacobsen’s expertise is both well established and relatively unique.  Because of this she is a highly trained consultant who:

  • Clearly “gets it” about being gifted in a world that is often difficult to navigate
  • Can provide unique insights because she is considered the world’s leading expert on gifted adults
  • Is a Doctor of Psychology whose research and work are dedicated to the fulfillment of high potential
  • Has the training and professional skills to help clients bring about sustainable change, not just a rudimentary quick fix
  • Recognizes that understanding someone occurs only when he or she truly feels understood, which is why it is so important to work with a coach who is both an intellectual peer and well-versed in the development of exceptional abilities and effective leadership
  • Has a long list of international clients who report successful goal achievement and satisfaction , almost always over and above what they anticipated
  • Works effectively with people from many countries and backgrounds
  • Can offer professional services that go beyond “surface issues” (e.g., career satisfaction, interpersonal relationships,  meaningfulness)
  • Endeavors to help high-ability individuals stay true to themselves (no more dumbing down or hiding out) and still “fit in”
  • Knows the stresses that high ability people encounter and offers ways to address the challenges
  • Doesn’t flinch when clients’ goals sound “lofty”
  • Does more than just listen and encourage – Dr. Jacobsen challenges her clients, offers fresh perspectives, and provides real-world solutions designed especially for gifted people.

How Does Individual Consultation Work?

Individual consultation/coaching is always a collaborative process, not just a series of events. It is a relationship designed for the sole purpose of helping you attain your goals. Your unique characteristics, experiences, sensitivities, goals, and development style are taken into account as a matter of course. Because Dr. Jacobsen respects and values individual differences, she never uses a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Rather, every client is actively involved in decision-making about steps to be taken and pace. The result is a plan tailored to fit you.

You can expect someone who is on your side and aligned with your objectives—no hidden agendas. Most clients enjoy the experience, though it is does involve effort. They find new confidence and optimism and develop new  perspectives and skills. Within the process you will examine such things as your experiences, view of self and others, behaviors, values, attitudes, defenses, needs, personality traits, and interpersonal habits. Some of these already contribute to your success and well-being. Others may get in the way or even sabotage your goals, so you can expect to take a hard look at these. Alternatives will be explored to help you improve weaker areas and remove hidden barriers.

Presentations, Master Classes, Workshops, and Training

Beyond psychology, Dr. Jacobsen has a strong background in learning and education. She has delivered an array of effective presentations, workshops, and training experiences around the world, including:

  • What Every Talent Manager Needs to Know About High Potential People
  • Navigating the Workplace: Giftedness and Career
  • Giftedness Inside and Out: Gifted Traits, Gifted Truths
  • Teamwork that Works for High Potentials: Creating Cooperative Autonomy
  • How to Predict High Potential for Leading Change in Complex Situations
  • Organizational Answers: Working Well with Gifted Employees
  • Understanding the Gifted Personality
  • The Brilliant Mind and the Path of Excellence
  • Correcting Distorted Images of the Gifted: A Talent Development Imperative
  • Intelligence, Effective Leadership and Moral Leadership
  • Rediscovering and Claiming Your Intellect
  • Perfectionism vs. the Foundation of Excellence in Gifted Adults
  • Creating Value Through People: Talent Psychology and High Potential
  • Giftedness and Leadership Effectiveness: More in Common Than You May Think
  • Uncovering and undoing stereotypes and attitudes that undermine talent programs
  • Leadership, Giftedness, and Professional Executive Coaching
  • The Creative’s Coursework: Understanding and Living the Creative Process
  • Creativity, Madness, or Everyday Genius? What R & D Managers Must Know About Gifted People
  • If Only I Had Known: Lessons from Gifted Adults
  • Roots of Integrity: Giftedness and Ethics
  • Doing Right by Gifted Individuals: A Mandate for Health Care Professionals
  • Bridging the Gap: Raising Street-Smart Gifted Children and Adolescents