TPC Testimonials

Below is a just a handful of testimonials from the numerous individuals and organizations we have helped. Would you like to join them? If so it all starts by filling out the contact form and requesting additional information regarding your particular needs.

Feedback from UK Leadership Specialist in the civil service:

Hello Mary.  I just wanted to let you know I attended your Master Class in London  last August.  What you said really hooked my interest and as a result I bought your book and found it fascinating. I have found that your workshops were spot on, and I feel so much better prepared to design and implement new and better methods for selection and development.  This has given me new energy and confidence,  and I am quite sure it will give my career a boost as well.


Comments from European business leader:

Hello Dr. Jacobsen, I am writing to tell you what an extraordinary difference your insights and training have made in my organization and for me personally.  Our talent program here is so much improved by your consultations.  I am confident that we will do far better in the future with all aspects of talent development and management.  Your team-building method were very well received and are showing signs of making a positive difference.  Perhaps now we will do a better job with our most valuable employees and retention rates will improve.  What we learned from you about high potential and leadership effectiveness has truly set us off in the right direction.  You were absolutely correct when you challenged us by asking: “Do you think it is reasonable that you are spending such a large amount of time and money on a talent program when you have such little understanding of the people who possess the talent?”  We didn’t even see how our lack of information was undermining our efforts and costing us a great deal.  We are now mindful of the stereotypes about high potential people that contaminate our attitudes and work atmosphere, and are actively working to remedy that.  I have also become aware of how important it is for the leader at the top to be aligned with our talent managers and HR.  I agree that there must be buy-in at the highest levels for a talent program to succeed.  My executives and managers know I expect them to do everything possible to ensure all of us think about high potential clearly and correctly and act accordingly. I have referred several top leaders to you for executive coaching, which I believe they are eager to do. There is a lot of new energy here for the changes you helped us implement. My only regret is that we didn’t engage your services a long time ago.   But we are now moving forward and making important strides with our talent management programs.  We believe we are much better equipped to achieve our goal of being a leading-edge company that is, as you say, a “talent magnet”.  Thank you very much from all of us at . . .


Great book to embrace your “everyday genius” (review of Gifted Adult on Amazon)

“If you’re even reading this review, odds are you’re one of the millions of “Everyday Geniuses®” out there (she counts 20 million in the US alone) looking to most fully and authentically give their gifts to the world… but, unfortunately, too often feeling a sense of purpose that is not quite being fulfilled. That sound vaguely familiar? If so, I HIGHLY recommend the book.


An Important and Possibly Life-Changing Book! (review of Gifted Adult on Amazon)

“The Gifted Adult” is an excellent book, and provides one of a few lone voices drawing attention to “A Group Society Would Rather Pretend Doesn’t Exist:”

Adult Giftedness is one of the “Ugly Stepchildren” in the field of Psychology. Whereas researchers, psychologists and society in general go to great lengths to study, understand and help those who dwell a long way below the mean intellect, those living their lives an equal distance the opposite side of the mean often find themselves living in a void of confusion, misunderstanding– and misinformation. . .  Gifted Adults are “statistical outliers.” As such, they often have special issues, living in a world whose actions are centered around accommodating the “norm.” At best, a Gifted Adult seeking to have his/her needs understood, may hear the words “Well, we’re ALL gifted, in our own special way.” At worst (and more frequently) they will hear “How can you have problems, if you’re so smart?”– words that reflect a popular view that giftedness is a “privilege” that exempts a person from having any difficulties in life. Yet, Gifted Adults discover that working harder, seeking answers, seeing therapists and trying to contribute often leaves them with a sense of “emptiness” and lack of fulfillment.

Mary-Elaine Jacobsen’s book is a much-needed tool to help gifted adults understand themselves, and accept the fact that their brains work a little bit differently. Real differences, I might add, that change the way a gifted person views their interactions with the world, their road to self-actualization, or considerations for seeking therapy. . . Adult Giftedness– and the psychological makeup specific to it– is NOT a pathology.

“Buy this book! Buy it NOW! Read it! Learn!”. . .  Overall rating: Outstanding (9.5 bookmarks out of a possible 10)”


Ignore the editorial review! (review of Gifted Adult on Amazon).

I had to laugh at the editorial review [on Amazon], which accuses Dr. Jacobsen of being “elitist,” one of the many criticisms that gifted people receive. Maybe that reviewer should have read the book more carefully. This is a terrific book that will help people realize their potential. That’s a good thing for the world and should not be discouraged or belittled.  If you have struggled with fitting in only to feel like you cannot be your authentic self, this book will help you discover why.


A life changer! (review of Gifted Adult on Amazon).

I found this book very helpful in learning to understand my creativity/ idealism and drivenness. . . that  I am not alone or weird, just gifted. Very reassuring and confidence boosting.

I now spot giftedness in others, see how they, too are underachieving in order to fit in, and recommend this book to them. Worth every cent!


Intelligent? Intense? Over-reactive?  READ THIS BOOK! (review of Gifted Adult on Amazon)

Throughout most of my 50 years of life, I have felt out of place. Like an alien being dropped upon this earth. I use a different vocabulary, have unusual bursts of energy, have a mind that travels at light speed, am highly reactive to external stimulus, and even sleep in a different pattern than most people. The labels given me are endless: too emotional, over-reacting, moody, anxiety disorder… even bipolar with hysterical mania, but without depression (the newest and my favorite!).  This book gave me great peace. I understand myself better now. With an IQ of 150 and a life-long creative (writer and artist), I am normal for me… and, there are others like me out there!  Those who are not “gifted,” do not comprehend the loneliness or the anguish experienced by this misunderstood minority. I invite everyone to read this book, to gain insight into themselves, into loved ones, and/or into the world of the gifted.


Unsolicited letter from reader:

“If my presumption of a friendship between us is offensive be assured that it is not intended that way. It’s just that I consider someone who profoundly affects my life in a positive way to be a friend of the highest degree. I feel compelled to write to you because you have changed my life so dramatically. Your book “The Gifted Adult” has affected me more than anything or anyone else in my life has. It explained a lot of my life to me, almost as if you had been a silent observer of me for the past 50 years or so.

Over the last fifteen months “The Gifted Adult” has had a profound effect on me: it has changed my life, given me a contentment about myself that I have never had before. It has even guided me to a  new best friend,  something I didn’t even have before. All that – and I don’t know what I have changed! The only thing that I can think of it that just knowing all this about myself is what is helping me!

I just gave ‘The Gifted Adult’ to another friend of mine, after talking to him for two hours a few nights ago. As a result of my newly understood giftedness I recognized that he, too, could benefit from it. As I talked to him about how my life has changed he got very excited. I was relating to him in a way that he had apparently never experienced before, the same sort of thing that I had gone though when I first contemplated my being gifted. He couldn’t wait to begin reading it so I delivered it to him the next day.

Your insight into the world of giftedness is a gift indeed, and I am so very pleased that I was afforded the opportunity to allow you to take me on a guided tour of that world. Unlike the usual tour guide, you should go home without me. No, you won’t be abandoning me.  Now that I’m there, I don’t ever want to leave. Thank You So Very Much!